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Here at the Z Institute, we are committed to providing you comprehensive fertility treatments, including ovulation induction, assisted reproductive technologies, treatment of hormonal disorders, infertility surgery and male infertility.

Our philosophy is to provide you advanced technologies in an individual and personalized manner. We understand the medical, financial and emotional impact of going through fertility treatments and we are here to help.

With over 20 years of experience and national leadership in the field of Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Zarutskie creates innovative and detailed treatment plans tailored to the individual couple. Dr. Zarutskie is also open to the discussion of various alternative therapies as well.
A Small Miracle Most importantly, our focus is our patients. We want to help nature to achieve the most miraculous result of all - a healthy baby.

"Nearly 300 people from Orange and Riverside Counties celebrated Mother's Day early in May at the Family Reunion party sponsored by the Zarutskie Fertility and Endocrine Institute in San Juan Capistrano. Held at St. Margaret's Episcopal School, the event featured a Hawaiian theme and prizes were awarded for the smallest and largest Institute babies at birth, as well as the oldest Institute baby on the day of the party"

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"Paul Zarutskie, M.D., his staff, grateful patients and referring physicians celebrated the opening of the MIssion Reproductive Center (MRC) in December. MRC is fully accredited. The new state-of-the-art lab includes specialized equipment available in only a handful of ART centers in the world, and will allow Dr. Zarutskie to conduct all fertility procedures onsite, greatly enhancing convenience for patients."

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